Today’s Manifesto.

It hurts to feel that loneliness and feel like something is wrong with me… that no one could love me.


-an 8 year old whose dad just died.

-a 12 year old who just survived physical abuse.

-a 14 year old who feels hopeless and worthless after experiencing emotional abuse… from my own mouth.

-a 16 year old who feels completely out of control, that is tired of walking on egg shells and who thinks she know everything.

-a 19 year old college student hiding out in my dorm room.

-a 20 year old college student tripping over pride, fear of losing control, and afraid that my counselor would leave me.

-a 21 year old college student growing, but afraid to graduate.

I AM a 22 year old with coping skills.  I have a choice to engage in healthy behavior.  I am safe.  I have friends and family that care about me.  I have a college degree and a job.  I have survived and I am moving forward.  I am not stuck.  And when I find myself sitting in a pit, I can always choose to get up and move forward.


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